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This publication is like none other before.

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About the book

Aside from the innovative design of a book entwined into a 4-Year Planner, we will guide you through a spectacular journey of self discovery and inspire you to reach for the farthest star in the galaxy. Not only will we attempt to show you how to strive for your goals and realize your full potential, we have illustrated this with the fascinating story of a remarkable man.

This unique publication has been designed to impart motivational inspiration, aimed at anyone and everyone with a common goal of creating change. From the businessman with an innovative idea who lacks the belief to re-invent the wheel, to the young child who aspires to be an astronaut. This book combined planner can nurture your hidden talents THROUGH SELF-REALIZATION and empowering you with a sense of urgency that change must happen in order to fulfil your ambitions.

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