Table of Contents


4- Year Calendar
Personal Reminders
Birthdays & Anniversaries

Section One: Opening Notes
Foreword – Compulsory Reading
Yes, You Can!
How this Book combined Planner can Help You
How to use this Book combined Planner
How this Book and Planner works
Top Ten Takeaway Points
President-Elect Barack Obama’s Victory Speech: Election Night

Section Two: Introducing Change
Reasons for why Individuals do NOT Change
An Introduction to Leadership and Transformational Change
Leadership Traits
How the Time Management Matrix can help you become a Transformational Leader

Section Three: Leadership
Chapter 1: Desire to Lead
Chapter 2: Be Proactive
Chapter 3: Positive Attitude
Chapter 4: Power of Visualization
Chapter 5: Highlight your Unique Selling Point
Chapter 6: Create Well- Placed Allies

Section Four: In the Pursuit of Historic Victory
An Eventful Journey to the White House
Significant Milestones to Victory

Section Five: Transformational Leadership
Chapter 7: Charismatic Personality
Chapter 8: Inspirational Motivation
Chapter 9: Innovative Thinking
Chapter 10: Communicative Brilliance
Chapter 11: Influential Behavior
Chapter 12: Personalized Approach

Section Six: Practical Ways to Achieve Your Goals
Steps to Realize Change
Action Planner

Section Seven: Closing Notes
Key Lessons
And on a Final Note
Letter to President-elect