Message from ‘The Making of a President’ (TMP) Team

Many people have been involved in completing this unique Book combined Planner with one purpose in mind; to drive change.

With Barack Obama creating history by becoming the First Black President of the United States of America, we should all see that change can happen if you believe. But this publication is not just about a celebration of Obama’s victory- it is much deeper than that.

It is about believing, that you as an individual have the ability, and the right to change this world around you to make it a better place for you and our children. A belief that you can embrace kindness in everything you do to help those in need and those that are too weak to speak up. It is about allowing each and every human being the right to realize their aspirations and reach new heights in everything that they do.

This is a truly unique piece of history for you to treasure for years to come. Change is embedded in every essence of a true leader and this shows in the work we strive to do. And this is evident in the form of the first ever Book combined Planner.

We have thought deeply about every aspect of this publication. From the unique design to the inclusion of an exclusive TMP pen which you can use in the Planner, to the specially composed song for TMP. We have priced it all affordably at only $24.99 so that no one misses out on the chance to change their lives for the better.

By purchasing this Book combined Planner you are helping to contribute to the efforts of children’s charities.

We believe that fulfilling your potential to make a positive difference to the world is your right, not a privilege.

We hope you capture our desire to help you achieve those goals and dreams.

Yours Sincerely

TMP Team