'You Bring us Hope' Song

TMP has commissioned and put together a unique and special song to celebrate Obama’s historic win.

Specially composed by Oumar Sall, a leading singer/songwriter of the group Tukuleur, who is a World Musician, forging a new genre of blended world music.

Combining traditional African cultural music with the driving rhythm of urban soul, Tukuleur untraditionally weaves a multitude of traditional world languages and styles into a variety of compositions. Whether singing in French, English, Spanish or African dialects of Fulani (Peul), Mandinque and Soninke, Tukuleur captivates audiences with such lyrics as "The world is on the move, let's follow the worldwide groove," encouraging people to embrace peace and understanding through common desires.

Tukuleur continues to express their message of hope and tolerance through their newest release of "You Bring Us Hope." 

We need your participation by voting for this song. You can listen to "You Bring Us Hope’’ on this site, YouTube and MySpace. You will also be able to purchase this song as an itune download where a donation will be made to Children’s Charities worldwide.